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"I'm benefitting from John's expertise and openness on the demand driven journey. His expertise and coaching is very helpful as we use DD tools to breakthrough problem service channels and products. I've witnessed these issues resolve themselves quickly using these planning/execution tools. Thanks John!"
Carl Zaiser
"I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Demand Driven Institute Demand Driven Planner training conducted by John Melbye. The on-site training program was well-paced with comprehensive and relevant course content. John did an exceptional job making complex concepts easy to understand through relatable real-life examples. His passion and enthusiasm kept the trainees engaged and his training approach encouraged interactive participation. This course is highly recommended for anyone interested in gaining a solid understanding of the DDMRP methodology and acquire in-depth technical knowledge."
Jeannie Colucci
"John is a great instructor with a solid business background so he does a great job connecting the material with real life scenarios. I have taken the Demand Driven Planner Professional with him and passed the test in my first try (not an easy test at all!! one of the most difficult I've taken and I have a degree in Supply Chain). John was there to break down content even after the course ended and made the process clear and efficient to become certified. As I continued my Demand Driven education online for the Demand Driven Leader Certification, I was able to tap John for guidance and clarity when the course material was not sufficient to expand on concepts. John is a fantastic resource and I highly recommend him to anyone early on their Demand Driven Journey!"
Julia Wilkinson
"John was an outstanding training and an outstanding facilitator for the program. Consider my 5 stars an extremely high net promotor score. "Good to go"."
Ryan Rhoades
"I have known John Melbye for several years and so I can attest to the type of person he is in addition to the quality training program he offers through Become Demand Driven. I've taken my entire Purchasing team along with myself, through the Demand Driven Planner training program. John is thorough with his explanations, patient to ensure understanding, and will go off-script whenever required to provide insights and answer questions the participants may have. This is really what makes a training / educational experience meaningful. This is also the quality that will ensure you and your team(s) will have the best information retention post-training class. I give Become Demand Driven my highest recommendation and look forward to more."
Darin Wolding
"Was very impressed with the content of course and interactive involvement. John is a very engaging instructor that has constructed a great learning environment for those interested in the material by making it easy to understand through real-life examples and material. Would highly recommend for individuals who want to gain an advantage in the supply chain sector."
Brian Galardo

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