Certification Training

The Demand Driven Institute has endorsed me as an Instructor for the Demand Driven Planner and Demand Driven Leader programs. I am able to teach anywhere in the United States (and possibly elsewhere.)

Demand Driven Planner Workshop

For those who will have to apply the rules and adapt the methodology to your business.  Deep into the math and the application opportunities.

Demand Driven Leader Workshop

For those who need to understand the business implications of the methodology and the future strategic decisions and possibilities. Also for advancement and further application of the methodology for the continuing journey of the "Planners".

Demand Driven Operations Workshop

For those who are challenged with operational scheduling and wish to gain a full appreciation of the entire Demand Driven Operations Methodology.
Prerequisite: Demand Driven Planner Workshop

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Experiential Learning

Workshops that involve activities and participation in the learning process are proven to be more effective ways of growing knowledge. These are two workshops endorsed by the Demand Driven Institute, but many of my workshops and consulting activities use this approach.

Demand Driven S&OP Experience

For those who want to change the conversation of Sales and Operations Planning.  We can simulate business impact from decisions made and begin to understand how the Demand Driven Methodology allows us to make better decisions due to improved visibility.

DDBrix Simulation

A hands-on learning experience that becomes a team building exercise too.  Management and shop floor personnel can clearly see why certain decisions are made and how the impact on the business may be more important than the perceived impact on their particular function

"No Surprises" Consulting

Consulting is a collaborative effort to progress further than either of us can go separately.  Progressing Further, Together.

We take an agnostic approach to guiding you to the right application of the methodology for your business.  We are your voice and your partner in a collaborative approach to implement these strategies by asking questions, clarifying your pain points, and guiding you on your journey.

My role is to bring a new perspective, ask the right questions, push the current boundaries and add my voice to your story.  My purpose is to help lift you above the fray and help you create a world that is not constantly on fire and a path that can be navigated calmly.

Creating a program just right for your business.

Globe with supply chain issues listed reflects supply chain management services by Become Demand Driven.

Outcomes: Collaborative design of services for positive impact.

Cost: Typically $5,000 for three consecutive onsite days per month. Three-month minimum commitment. Travel billed separately.

"I'm benefitting from John's expertise and openness on the demand driven journey. His expertise and coaching is very helpful as we use DD tools to breakthrough problem service channels and products. I've witnessed these issues resolve themselves quickly using these planning/execution tools. Thanks John!"
Carl Zaiser

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