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Stop doing the wrong things faster.

Become Demand Driven Supply Chain Management

Traditional MRP equations aren’t wrong, but they don’t fit anymoreTransform your inventory management processes to gain the agility needed for today’s fast-paced reality.

The fact is the supply chain of the past causes too much burnout and stress due to its reactionary nature. And it doesn’t have to be done in those old ways anymore. Demand Driven dynamically adapts based on changes in your business, allowing you to prevent your next emergency, not just react when it’s too late.

We need to embrace solutions that resolve the disconnect between our plan and the reality we find.

We need to stop fixing the duct tape.


These Demand Driven strategies give you greater business visibility and enable you to purposefully improve customer service and employee satisfaction while increasing company return on investment.

  • Certification Training

    Workshops to help Planners and Leaders understand why the constantly-changing environment requires updated tools and thought processes. Learn how to apply the Demand Driven methodology to your business and let's change the game. You’re closer than you think.

  • Experiential Training

    Clearly see why certain decisions are made and how the impact on the business may be more important than the perceived impact on a particular function.

  • Consulting

    We take an agnostic approach to guiding you to the right application for your business. We are your voice and your partner in a collaborative approach to implement these strategies.

  • Workshops & Classes

    We offer online and in-person educational workshops and classes to help you learn the Demand Driven method and how to best utilize it towards your company's needs.

Become Demand Driven is a supply chain management consultant, and offers digital reporting to track improvements as seen here.
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On-Time Delivery
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Safety Stock vs DDMRP Buffer

And since I imagine none of you would be happy without a gas gauge, then I ask you, “Why do you think Safety Stock is sufficient to manage millions of dollars’ worth of inventory?”


Demand Driven Institute is a partner of Become Demand Driven.

Visit the Demand Driven Institute for more information about the classes I offer.  This is a think tank providing thought leadership in Business Management driving Return on Investment.

ASCM Twin Cities is a partner of Become Demand Driven.

The Twin Cities Chapter of ASCM (formerly APICS) is where it all began for me.  A Supply Chain Management education organization providing workshops and certification review courses for the APICS certification programs (CPIM, CSCP, CLTD).  I became an APICS instructor and have been on the Board of Directors for the chapter for several years now.

Paradox Solve is a partner of Become Demand Driven.

Paradox Solve offers several trainings related to APICS, ASCM and the Demand Driven Institute.  The simulation, A Demand Driven S&OP, helps to illustrate the power of the Demand Driven MRP methodology and will help get everyone in agreement on the direction of the solution.

B2Wise is a partner of Become Demand Driven.

Enabling clients to turn their supply chain planning function into a competitive weapon using DDMRP.  Providing expertise in Demand Driven MRP as well as leading-edge technology developed through evolving customer requirements.  Spend more time planning and less time gathering data.  With offices in the USA, UK, France and South Africa, B2Wise is your global partner in DDMRP.

WA Solutions We are a multidisciplinary team of knowledge-loving, highly experienced people in complex operations environments, and we are passionate about helping our clients improve their supply chains’ performance through innovative and creative software solutions and methodologies to generate value for our clients.
"John is a great instructor with a solid business background so he does a great job connecting the material with real life scenarios. I have taken the Demand Driven Planner Professional with him and passed the test in my first try (not an easy test at all!! one of the most difficult I've taken and I have a degree in Supply Chain). John was there to break down content even after the course ended and made the process clear and efficient to become certified. As I continued my Demand Driven education online for the Demand Driven Leader Certification, I was able to tap John for guidance and clarity when the course material was not sufficient to expand on concepts. John is a fantastic resource and I highly recommend him to anyone early on their Demand Driven Journey!"
Julia Wilkinson

Working collaboratively for the benefit of your company and employees by focusing on improving systemic flow.

Ask me about an assessment, a discovery session, a consultation, and/or #smilecreator!

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