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How to Develop a company training strategy

I’m hearing about more and more companies that have a Learning and Development Director position (or similar). There is a recognition that adding learning and development initiatives as an afterthought is not working. We need to make it a strategic initiative. But still, why?

Why focus on Artificial Intelligence?

The world is abuzz with speculation about the coming effects of Artificial Intelligence. Will robots take over the world? Will my coffee machine figure out the right ratio of coffee to water?

Supply Chain – A Travel Analogy

It starts with planning and scheduling, doesn’t it? Deciding the dates to travel is maybe the first thing. That involves several potential allies. You don’t walk to the airport empty-handed and pick the next random destination. Sounds fun, but no, that’s not how it’s usually done.

Supply Chain Illustrated. The Beginning.

What is it that makes something a Supply Chain? Is it simply viewpoint? Everywhere I look I see supply chain. The computer I use, the chair I sit in, the painting on my wall, the books on my shelf, all came into being and then to me via some facet of a Supply Chain.

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