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Measuring Success – a Future Perspective

What will be the company measures in the future? That remains to be seen. But here’s a couple ideas, that I think (hope) will become mainstream in the future.

Julie and Matt go to a Workshop. Eyes Wide Open.

Today, we find Julie, Matt and two other members of their team attending a Demand Driven Planner workshop. There is a certification possible, but right now Julie and Matt just want to evaluate if this methodology is as promising as it seems. We catch up with them during a break in the class.

Sales and Operations Planning. Let’s re-imagine it.

What is the purpose of starting a Sales and Operations Planning process? For many, S&OP is a process to get information to flow between various parts of the business, the most obvious being Sales and Operations (hence the name). The premise, I believe, is that if Operations knows what is happening in Sales, then they will be able to respond. Great starting point. At some point, perhaps it worked well.

The Mystery of Company Culture vs Work Life Balance.

I was mapping what I thought my own Work-Life balance should include, based on one current methodology. Physical, Emotional, … and then I went off the rails. Because I started thinking about the viewpoint of the company and how aligning the company’s Work-Life balance offering with the individual’s Work-Life balance requirements will make a huge difference in achieving that balance.

Fighting Change – Because Status Quo is Sexy.

What do we use in our lives that hasn’t appreciably changed in 20 to 50 years? And how much duct tape or band-aids have we applied so we can keep using the same old items or methods?

Perspectives need to change.

So, as we slowly spin into chaos, we have to finally admit that trying to use a tool based on precision and exactness creates a challenge as our world becomes more and more imprecise.

About Become Demand Driven | John Melbye is the founder.

Focus on Problems to Solve, not numbers to meet.

I get these crazy thoughts that perhaps sometimes we are going about things the wrong way. Or maybe it is clearer to say we are starting at the wrong end. To achieve any goal, there are always at least two approaches to take. Should I start with the target and determine how it can be achieved? Or should I start with a process or behavioral change and see how much improvement I can make?

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