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A New Approach to "Sales"

Tired of listening to people tell you about themselves or their company?  Sales presentations can be boring, and frankly, nothing about them ensures that you’re making the right choice. Do you want something different? 

Let’s be honest. All companies are facing the dilemma of having too much of some stuff, too little of other stuff, and overall, just too much stuff.  Let’s start there.

Become Demand Driven provides business solutions through education, consulting, and the implementation and support of a Demand Driven Operating Model. We start with inventory management. Because if you have the right inventory, you can best serve your customers.

We introduce ourselves via a simulation workshop that we call “The Penguin Game”.  This is a Lego factory simulation building “Penguins” to customer order highlighting traditional processes compared to new possibilities. Our Penguin Game does three things:

  1. Creates a team-building environment, bringing together various players, as we learn about how MRP works and why it is challenged in today’s world. Then, we learn the solution.
  2. Introduces you and your company to how we work, who we are, and the value we bring. Hands on, interactive, enlightening. Because “Hands on” is by far, the best way to learn.
  3. Illustrates a solution to many of the problems you’ve been trying to solve by yourselves. We introduce a paradigm shift and an approach that includes change management.

If the Penguin game has piqued your curiosity, then our next step is a proof of concept, including more training. We test our methodology with a subset of your parts. Together, we adjust for your company specifics and again, you experience the value of working with us.

Once all sides agree that our solution adds value for you, a full implementation is next.

We make three promises to our customers.

Globe with supply chain issues listed reflects supply chain management services by Become Demand Driven.

Our business model ensures that we are focused on adding value for our customer.

We charge a reasonable monthly fee with no large expenditure up front.  If at any point you prefer to stop, there is no continuing obligation.

Isn’t that a refreshing approach to the process?

We look forward to helping you make a difference in your business.

"I'm benefitting from John's expertise and openness on the demand driven journey. His expertise and coaching is very helpful as we use DD tools to breakthrough problem service channels and products. I've witnessed these issues resolve themselves quickly using these planning/execution tools. Thanks John!"
Carl Zaiser

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