Supply Chain Illustrated

Stop Managing Chaos
Start Driving Change

Solving Problems We No Longer Have

So, why are we still applying the solution when we no longer are facing the problem? There are only two possible answers to that.

How do we Stop Managing Chaos?

If you’re frustrated and unable to see the path forward, it starts with inventory management and fixing the inadequate systems you’ve been forced to work with.  Once you see the solution that I’ll present to you, you will never be able to “unsee” it.

Money Transfer Supply Chain Analogy

Your goal is to maximize the money kept in the Saving’s account.  And therefore, minimize the money in your Checking account. But don’t let the checking balance drop below zero.

A Breakup Letter to Traditional MRP

Looking back, I don’t know what took me so long to realize that I have outgrown you. You never had an adaptable planning process – you only work if there is no variability.

The Truths of Inventory Management

We know intuitively that we must be agile in order to meet the changing and volatile customer demand. Why do we continue to insist that precision and the resulting chaotic emergencies are the best way to achieve agility?

girl looking in microscope

Supply Chain – Under the Microscope.

The irony is two-fold. First, for all our talk about processes and process improvement, we really spend an obscene amount of time manually adjusting and firefighting to achieve the desired outcome.

An Exercise in Precision

Because precision is, um, well, precise, you now have a different starting point for your journey’s second leg. Which means all the future plans you made will need changing.

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